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Lee and Max of 'cableTV' have been playing together for about 4 years and didn't start cableTV until about a year ago. cableTV has been a 3 piece band ever since the existance of its beginning. We have recently gotten a new bassist after our last one was 'fired/quit' whatever happened, it was kind of mutual. The newest edition to the bass is Patrck Carter. He's an amazing screamer and bass player, and I think you guys will really enjoy him. Our style has fluctuated in the with songs "I can't kiss a girl that ugly" and "American Dream", to songs like "Average BLVD." and "Negatives of a green film." Our style most currently is alot harder than our past, and involves some screaming, double bassing, bass slaping, and insane riffs. It's worth checking out, and hopefully we'll get our shit together and get some shows. Also if you want us to play at your party or anything like that we will do that too. Just try to contact us ATLEAST 2WEEKS ahead of time and we will do our best.